Five Easy Ways to Make Online Learning Fun for your Students

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Online learning is everywhere now because of world events, so don’t take the easy way and do a normal lesson. Remember to make every moment count with your students. How? Easy enough by just adding some personality, humor, videos, relevance and personal concern.

Or simply checking out my E-book called “Learn Business English.” Lastly, you can EASILY just follow and use this TIPS to make online learning fun below:

1. Ask your students how they are doing? What they are eating?

For example, if you merely ask a student how their day was or what they ate for a meal; the student will feel the class or session is more personalized. Furthermore, then ask your students or student in your online classroom and ask what their favorite food is. This will serve as the introduction to asking questions. Therefore, you will use this opening question as the motivation and excitement for asserting opinions. Personalizing a class makes many feel more involved especially when it comes to food. So, ask a few questions about a topic everyone loves, like food, and see if you or fellow students like the same food.

2. Use Current English Material for your Students

Many students get bored if they are reading boring or useless English exercises that don’t help you. Use online exercises that reflect current events or trends. Do a reading about E-Commerce like Amazon or rideshare services like Uber.

Here are some examples of current and vital exercises to help students learn English:

A. Top 5 American Courtesies to Learn Before Visiting the USA

B. Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Google & More Shake Up the Music Industry

C. Popular Phrasal Verbs English speakers Use

3. Know your students’ names and use their names as often as possible.

This is the easiest thing to do on the list. Why? When you use a students name in your class then personalizes the class or session. Being a good teacher is also about making your students feel comfortable with you. Furthermore, when you are able to refer to your students by name or even better by nick name, your students feel like you care about them being in class.

4. Make Speaking Fluency a Top Priority

If you talk too much as a teacher then your students will feel less inclined or even excited to participate in class. The ability to feel you are part of class will increase with more speaking and participation. Speaking is the biggest and most important ability for any student to conquer especially in language, so encourage speaking as much as possible in your class sessions. For instance, when you are doing a vocabulary lesson then ask students to give examples of using these new words.

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5. Use videos and photos in your online class

When you share videos or photos in your class, the session is enhanced and made it more fun. Simply enough, if you are listening to a lesson and then a video or photo is shared then many will start to listen or pay attention even more. Visual stimulation will always get students to react, so utilize what you have and share videos and photos to make your lessons are easier to understand.

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